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GRAPH'IT BRUSH & EXTRA FINE Set 12 markers - essential

Ref. GI80110

GRAPH’IT is a dynamic & innovative French brand whose purpose is to create and develop modern products for the artists of today. GRAPH’IT proposes a large range of materials for illustrators, Manga & Comic book artists, architects, designers, stylists or art school students.

GRAPHIT BRUSH is a new refillable alcohol-based marker with two original tips :  an extra fine 0.5mm nib appreciated by illustrators and a flexible brush nib. This modern alternative to the classic twin-tip alcohol-based marker is versatile and will seduce professionals and beginners alike. Its balanced colour chart contains 96 unique tints such as shadings of earth tones in regular intervals of saturation from Brown 1 to Brown 5.


Les sets de 12 GRAPH'IT BRUSH passent au format carton. Plus écologique et plus pratique, ce nouveau packaging est l'écrin parfait pour vos marqueurs GRAPH'IT BRUSH !

Set of 12 GRAPH'IT BRUSH Markers in a practical white rigid plastic case.

An assortment of 12 basic colours to start drawing with GRAPH'IT BRUSH.

This set includes: Lemon (1130) -  Melon (2102) - Brown 4 (3050) - Quartz Rose (5118) - Tomato (5220) - Orchid (6130) - Ice blue (7120) - Cobalt (7175) - Chlorophyll (8150) - Pistachio (8220) - Black (9909) - Blender (0000).