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GRAPH IT SHAKE Pouch of 4 Fine Liners- Black

Ref. GI43328

 Graph’it propose une gamme de feutres liners à encre pigmentée à base d'eau !

They benefit from an ink without acid, resistant to light and erasing. Compatible with the use of alcohol-based markers. Ink flow perfectly dosed, guaranteeing a precise line. Fine Liners: assorted into 8 line lengths (003 caliber the thinnest in the market at 1.0), they are ideal for tracing the edges of a drawing and making precise strokes. They are adapted for the use of template or tracing instruments. Available individually or in packs of 4 liners: 003 - 0,1 - 0,3 - 0,5. They are perfectly adapted for sketches and shadowing. Made in Japan.

4 colours: Light, Medium and Dark Grey, Black