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GRAPH'IT Set of 12 markers - Mix Grey colours

Ref. GI00122

GRAPH’IT is a dynamic & innovative French brand whose purpose is to create and develop modern products for the artists of today. GRAPH’IT proposes a large range of materials for illustrators, Manga & Comic book artists, architects, designers, stylists or art school students.

The refillable twin-tip alcohol based GRAPH’IT MARKER is the flagship of the brand with its 176 colours. The chisel tip is ideal for large surfaces and the fine tip is perfect for details. The transparent alcohol ink facilitates colour mixing and shading. Colouring with GRAPH’IT markers allows for perfect, uniform solid colours and does not leave a nib mark. The modern colour chart includes the largest range of greys in the market with over 40 greys, 14 skin tones, 20 blues and more than 30 greens.



The Mix greys colours set contains a unique assortment of 12 different "Mix greys": 5 Warm greys, 5 Neutral greys, and especially 2 of the 5 new and never-before-seen Graph'It colours: Pink grey 3 et Pink grey 5 : 9303 - Pink grey 3 9305 ? Pink grey 5 9400 - Warm grey 0 9402/4/6/8 Warm grey 2/4/6/8 9500 - Neutral grey 0 9502/4/6/8 Neutral grey 2/4/6/8. GRAPH'IT markers use quick-drying, alcohol based, slightly transparent and stackable ink, which allows it to be mixed with other ink colours thanks to the Blender. For a perfect colourisation, it's recommended you use Layout paper for markers or even bristol type paper.

Marker equipped with two japanese polyester tips: 1 fine conical tip and one 1 large chiseled. The brush tip is also also available in spare packets. Alcohol based ink: you must make sure the caps are closed tightly to avoid the ink's evaporation. An audible click will let you know that the marker is well sealed and airtight ! The colours can be identified on the caps, and are simply numerically organised by chromatic scale and increasing luminosity. Made with a triangular body with rounded angles for an ergonomic and comfortable grip. The side with the fine tip can be recognised by a grey ring.